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Member history of guild 'band of looters' Number and fame of members on a given day
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Life & death history of guild 'band of looters' Total kills and deaths (in GvGs) and fame on a given day
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Kill/Death ratio history of guild 'band of looters' Kill to death ratios on a given day
K/D fame ratio K/D ratio GvG K/D ratio DB: 0s, Sys: 0s

GvG wins and losses of guild 'band of looters' Historic sum of GvG attacks/defense wins/losses on a given day
Defense wins Defense losses Attack wins Attack losses DB: 0s, Sys: 0s

Alliance Membership History
From Until Alliance
Member Leaves
From Until Player Moved to
11.08.2023 20.09.2023 SebastianMT Templarios de Thetford
13.05.2022 17.04.2023 ZadyDaddy one4all
12.06.2022 06.04.2023 Grabbey 21st Sinn
26.10.2021 20.04.2022 LordAncker Bank Of Gank
19.01.2022 05.04.2022 Delmerk Infierno
27.11.2021 28.11.2021 Lyonessie OnThisClump
26.10.2021 26.11.2021 Lyonessie OnThisClump
26.10.2021 18.11.2021 BloodyBattle -
26.10.2021 06.11.2021 ChicoShort -
19.10.2021 26.10.2021 Lyonessie band of looters
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Member Joins
From Until Player Came from
15.09.2023 Today whydontnameswork -
15.09.2023 Today Alkaboss876 -
08.09.2023 Today Hxyh -
08.09.2023 Today KRATOSSSSSSS999 -
08.09.2023 Today Ystakar -
08.09.2023 Today Moonberry3027 -
08.09.2023 Today FanceyS -
08.09.2023 Today Robodragon1001 -
08.09.2023 Today gaeldaab -
08.09.2023 Today PaulMcfallin -
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