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Guild: ZORN
Founder: ZaZiiFounded: 17.07.2017 16:33:46
Alliance: Avalonian PowerhouseSince: 13.11.2019
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Member history of guild 'ZORN' Number and fame of members on a given day
Members Member fame DB: 0s, Sys: 0s

Life & death history of guild 'ZORN' Total kills and deaths (in GvGs) and fame on a given day
Kills Deaths GvG kills GvG deaths Kill fame Death fame DB: 0s, Sys: 0s

Kill/Death ratio history of guild 'ZORN' Kill to death ratios on a given day
K/D fame ratio K/D ratio GvG K/D ratio DB: 0s, Sys: 0s

GvG wins and losses of guild 'ZORN' Historic sum of GvG attacks/defense wins/losses on a given day
Defense wins Defense losses Attack wins Attack losses DB: 0s, Sys: 0s

Alliance Membership History
From Until Alliance
13.11.2019 Today Avalonian Powerhouse
15.08.2019 13.11.2019 FONO1
02.08.2019 15.08.2019 -
20.07.2019 02.08.2019 Bunk Bed Gang
06.07.2019 20.07.2019 Bunk Bed Monsters
05.07.2019 06.07.2019 -
16.06.2019 05.07.2019 The Power of Friendship
05.06.2019 16.06.2019 -
Member Leaves
From Until Player Moved to
05.02.2020 21.06.2021 BluezoneAmazone -
10.06.2021 21.06.2021 Arveon -
22.05.2021 19.06.2021 Rooksone Reject Sanity
04.06.2019 16.06.2021 Dekanda Beasts
01.06.2021 11.06.2021 Mulan9 Reject Sanity
06.06.2021 11.06.2021 DeMoriaan Elevate
06.06.2021 11.06.2021 KingeZoc Blue Army Freemen
17.05.2021 06.06.2021 DerFarmer -
06.05.2021 01.06.2021 NotYuumi -
13.09.2019 20.05.2021 Raser Hadrians-Wall
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Member Joins
From Until Player Came from
21.06.2021 Today Qti Latrones
21.06.2021 Today LuisTTV The-Risen
21.06.2021 Today CasterMinion -
21.06.2021 Today edge300 Proscriptus
19.06.2021 Today DukeOfSivas MY HCE ACADEMY
16.06.2021 Today Goldstaub Crimson Imperium Reborn
16.06.2021 Today Totergraf we are LaTe
16.06.2021 Today TRSona Proscriptus
16.06.2021 Today Arijes we are LaTe
16.06.2021 Today WildPony Proscriptus
Full list
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