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Guild: The Dream
Founder: GuildbankFounded: 05.05.2019 00:08:03
Alliance: Since:
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Member history of guild 'The Dream' Number and fame of members on a given day
Members Member fame DB: 0.2s, Sys: 0.2s

Life & death history of guild 'The Dream' Total kills and deaths (in GvGs) and fame on a given day
Kills Deaths GvG kills GvG deaths Kill fame Death fame DB: 0.2s, Sys: 0.2s

Kill/Death ratio history of guild 'The Dream' Kill to death ratios on a given day
K/D fame ratio K/D ratio GvG K/D ratio DB: 0.2s, Sys: 0.2s

GvG wins and losses of guild 'The Dream' Historic sum of GvG attacks/defense wins/losses on a given day
Defense wins Defense losses Attack wins Attack losses DB: 0.2s, Sys: 0.2s

Alliance Membership History
From Until Alliance
18.05.2020 Today -
17.05.2020 18.05.2020 -
06.05.2020 17.05.2020 Me to Elevate
17.07.2019 06.05.2020 -
12.06.2019 17.07.2019 The Retry
09.06.2019 12.06.2019 WHY ARE WE RUNNING
05.06.2019 09.06.2019 END OF STORY
Member Leaves
From Until Player Moved to
05.06.2019 16.06.2021 ajiswolfy Special Vale
13.06.2019 29.03.2021 PhantomEyes Knightingale
04.09.2020 25.03.2021 Vasikus35 Foolish Fools
05.06.2019 16.09.2020 Clunker -
10.08.2020 18.08.2020 TKTV69 3mpire
29.07.2020 06.08.2020 Twiggles420 Money Guild
30.07.2020 06.08.2020 YoutubeAznTan Money Guild
30.07.2020 04.08.2020 Redneckfaker Money Guild
22.06.2019 20.07.2020 Jesufied Shock Company
17.06.2019 06.07.2020 Jwee Deorum Mortis
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Member Joins
From Until Player Came from
22.12.2020 Today Redneckfaker Money Guild
04.09.2020 25.03.2021 Vasikus35 CtrlAltDelete
10.08.2020 18.08.2020 TKTV69 Script
02.08.2020 Today Vinegarstrokes Final Order
30.07.2020 Today Isthislol Final Order
30.07.2020 06.08.2020 YoutubeAznTan Final Order
30.07.2020 04.08.2020 Redneckfaker Final Order
29.07.2020 06.08.2020 Twiggles420 Final Order
05.07.2020 Today LLayton LotD
05.07.2020 Today Rejuvenation -
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