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Guild: Confraternita Oscura
Founder: DarkylianFounded: 02.10.2018 04:25:46
Alliance: Pizzas In ZvZ AssetSince: 03.04.2020
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Member history of guild 'Confraternita Oscura' Number and fame of members on a given day
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Life & death history of guild 'Confraternita Oscura' Total kills and deaths (in GvGs) and fame on a given day
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Kill/Death ratio history of guild 'Confraternita Oscura' Kill to death ratios on a given day
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GvG wins and losses of guild 'Confraternita Oscura' Historic sum of GvG attacks/defense wins/losses on a given day
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Alliance Membership History
From Until Alliance
03.04.2020 Today Pizzas In ZvZ Asset
26.02.2020 03.04.2020 xPOE
26.10.2019 26.02.2020 Partnership of Equals
05.09.2019 26.10.2019 Sometimes We
05.07.2019 05.09.2019 FERAL
02.07.2019 05.07.2019 -
05.06.2019 02.07.2019 Damned Army
Member Leaves
From Until Player Moved to
08.05.2020 23.05.2024 VDALuky Cape Dancers
22.09.2020 10.05.2023 MujerDelNegro Latin Gankers
05.06.2019 09.04.2023 Renixoras Grande Inverno
22.05.2020 13.01.2023 Arthemis01 Morning Stars
17.06.2020 12.12.2022 MarYo F E N I C E
30.11.2019 25.04.2022 PolpettusIV F E N I C E
12.06.2020 21.04.2022 Malveris White Panthers
05.06.2019 17.04.2022 Lestofante Reject Party
05.06.2019 17.04.2022 Dona RANDAGI
16.10.2019 09.04.2022 Trucidato Nobodies
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Member Joins
From Until Player Came from
26.08.2021 Today Vyrath -
15.05.2021 27.05.2021 Ismarkh -
27.04.2021 Today Sophus779 -
27.04.2021 01.06.2021 Kenthor F E N I C E
27.04.2021 Today KinkyGirl -
27.04.2021 Today oj1s4n -
27.04.2021 Today Kubabu -
04.04.2021 21.06.2021 LaVongola -
30.03.2021 01.04.2022 Krimea Er Venoso
30.03.2021 Today GeraltooffRivia -
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