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Member history of guild 'Demon Sins' Number and fame of members on a given day
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Life & death history of guild 'Demon Sins' Total kills and deaths (in GvGs) and fame on a given day
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Kill/Death ratio history of guild 'Demon Sins' Kill to death ratios on a given day
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GvG wins and losses of guild 'Demon Sins' Historic sum of GvG attacks/defense wins/losses on a given day
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Alliance Membership History
From Until Alliance
Member Leaves
From Until Player Moved to
27.08.2021 19.05.2022 ROMA335 T E M P U R A
26.03.2022 03.05.2022 Agrata ALPHA LIONS
09.10.2021 29.04.2022 ADEQUAD RAQ
06.06.2021 28.04.2022 Bellatrixxxxx T E M P U R A
01.09.2021 15.04.2022 YourSupport Gypsies
17.08.2021 15.04.2022 MuGeecu Lass---Noches
07.08.2021 30.03.2022 1Vani4ka Chaos Terror
17.07.2021 30.03.2022 Korefeus 0utnumbered
21.06.2021 30.03.2022 JoeDefo 0utnumbered
21.06.2021 27.03.2022 Lewan510 Et cetera
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Member Joins
From Until Player Came from
26.03.2022 03.05.2022 Agrata 4Story
26.03.2022 Today GosuPaper REVOLITION
26.03.2022 Today HEKP0MAHT -
26.03.2022 Today EeveeShiny -
26.03.2022 Today PowerPuff39 The Jackals
26.03.2022 Today QueenBlood Varanga
26.03.2022 Today rPu6o4eK MommyMilkers
26.03.2022 Today GNsim -
26.03.2022 Today duckyng Danmed
26.03.2022 Today DSGuNn Gank Order
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