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Player: Gralkeni
First seen: 05.06.2019Key: 42u5F4icS0yuJMdHqbynaw
Last update: 20.04.2021 
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PvP fame history of player 'Gralkeni' Total kill and death fame on a given day
Kill fame Death fame DB: 0s, Sys: 0s

Kill/Death fame ratio history of player 'Gralkeni' Kill fame to death fame ratio on a given day

Non-PvP fame history of player 'Gralkeni' Total fame on a given day
PvE Gathering Crafting DB: 0s, Sys: 0s

Gathering fame history of player 'Gralkeni' Total gathering fame on a given day
Fiber Hide Rock Ore Wood DB: 0s, Sys: 0s

Guild Membership History
From Until Guild
20.04.2021 Today The Owls Den
30.05.2020 20.04.2021 Fire With Fire
03.12.2019 30.05.2020 Fear Nothing Risk Everything
25.09.2019 03.12.2019 Highlander Clan
08.09.2019 25.09.2019 Crystal Realm Infinite
24.08.2019 08.09.2019 Warhowl
05.06.2019 24.08.2019 Saints of the Holy Pirate King
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