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Change log
09.05.20 Req. API Info - /events/killfame listed twice & guildID parameter
21.04.20 Req. Main page - Redesign content
21.04.20 Bug Title does not change if cooking or potions
21.04.20 Req. Add CSC banner to home
21.04.20 Req. Add a favicon
21.04.20 Req. Add Twitter logo to footer
20.04.20 Bug Wrong names on some items
20.04.20 Req. Refining profitability needs to integrate enchanted stone
19.04.20 Req. Can't find our guild
02.03.20 Bug Refining not working
03.12.19 Req. List of item types
06.11.19 Bug Crafting profitability
06.11.19 Req. Taxes changed ingame
09.09.19 Req. API docu - Add additional endpoints
02.09.19 Bug wrong calulation within Farming
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Database statistics
Data typeRows
Alliance statistics history494.867
Gold price history19.268
Guild statistics history6.793.684
Market order history (NATS)9.306.527
Market order history (NATS, expired)23.373.738
Market price history24.226.997
Market prices323.097
Player fame history6.257.672
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This site provides tools for the MMO "Albion Online". If the site sparks interest for the game, feel free to use my referral link to support the page.

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The tools heavily depend on the amazing work of "The Albion Online Data Project" which provides a client for gathering price information and an API to get that price information.
This is necessary since Sandbox Interactive, the creators of Albion Online, haven't provided an official API yet.
If you are using the tools here, please head over to the Data Project, download and use the client and maybe leave a tip.

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If you want to motivate me to keep expanding this site or just want to say "Thank you", feel free to become a Patreon or send me an ETH tip on 0x88d972B6fc4Dd3F075B5C27B601148db83d34532.
Even without I'm always keen on getting feedback, thus don't hold back!

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