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Player: MeDaBiscoito
First seen: 04.06.2019Key: KNjSDroTSrON64T1ZOIDjw
Last update: 14.04.2021 
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PvP fame history of player 'MeDaBiscoito' Total kill and death fame on a given day
Kill fame Death fame DB: 0s, Sys: 0s

Kill/Death fame ratio history of player 'MeDaBiscoito' Kill fame to death fame ratio on a given day

Non-PvP fame history of player 'MeDaBiscoito' Total fame on a given day
PvE Gathering Crafting DB: 0s, Sys: 0s

Gathering fame history of player 'MeDaBiscoito' Total gathering fame on a given day
Fiber Hide Rock Ore Wood DB: 0s, Sys: 0s

Guild Membership History
From Until Guild
14.04.2021 Today Insanidade Suprema
30.03.2021 14.04.2021 Made In Br
25.03.2021 30.03.2021 Insanidade Suprema
16.03.2021 25.03.2021 MIAU
19.11.2019 16.03.2021 Money Guild 2
18.09.2019 19.11.2019 Valhalla GT
17.08.2019 18.09.2019 Money Guild 2
11.08.2019 17.08.2019 -
19.07.2019 11.08.2019 Made In Br
17.07.2019 19.07.2019 -
30.06.2019 17.07.2019 AW Academy
24.06.2019 30.06.2019 -
15.06.2019 24.06.2019 The druyds I
04.06.2019 15.06.2019 -
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